"Holy Rosary School is the only school for me because our teachers, principal, and staff care about us like we are one big family. We do interesting, hands on activities in all of our classes, and everyone looks out for one another. I love Holy Rosary School!" - Grade Berlew, student

"Holy Rosary School provides a 'village' style approach to ensuring academic success of each child. We've personally witnessed an 'all hands on deck' approach to solving our son's unique learning style. There is a top down passion, with strong vision, to developing and enhancing the education. It brings us great satisfaction, and commitment back to this school, to see the dedication to teach the young people, the spiritual awareness, the power of prayer, and the strength of the school's soul so needed in our world today." - Jay and Katie Duffy, parents

"I believe that the early years of a child's life are the most crucial. I feel truly blessed that my three sons were part of the Holy Rosary 'family' from pre-school through eighth grade. They were well prepared for high school by having had a totally devoted principal (Miss Gilmartin) and a superior faculty." - Grace Sklanka, parent

"Upon entering the building, I immediately noticed how clean, updated and comfortable the building felt. The office staff was friendly. While I was waiting for Sarah, I had the chance to see the children's work in the hall, and note all the positive and uplifting posters about values and the Lord, that are on display. In those few minutes, I felt inspired! I work in a secular environment, and it made me realize the difference of being in an environment where God is welcome. A wave of gratitude came over me, and I felt I needed to share it with you. You can't imagine how much my husband and I appreciate the atmosphere and academic excellence at Holy Rosary. In this day and age of overwhelming negative media/social influence, we feel so blessed that she is able to be in an environment where she continues to be taught what we are trying to teach at home. Sarah still misses SMA, but she readily fit in to Holy Rosary, made new friends, feels comfortable in her new school family and is doing very well. She truly enjoys going to school and taking part in what is offered. I can't say enough about the teachers she has had to date, and the positive influence they, and the school environment, are having on her (and through her, us). Please know that the hard work that you and the faculty/staff do on a daily basis is noticed and greatly appreciated. Miss Gilmartin's during the 'year of the flood' was excellent, and the school is even better than before because of her efforts."- Susan Liskowicz (parent)

"My son spent 11 years at Holy Rosary School, starting in Pre-K3. He is now in High School, but the wonderful years he spent at HRS made him into a fine, caring young man who was more than ready to take on the challenges of higher education. The value of sending your child to school where everyone is family has no price. Lasting friendships are made within the HRS Community, people who stand together in good times and in bad times. Twice during my son's tenure at HRS, the school was temporarily relocated and each time the HRS family came together to make this transition an adventure for the children. I can think of no better place to send a child to school than Holy Rosary School in Duryea." - Paula Mesaris, HRS Class of 1980 and mother to Joshua, HRS class of 2012

"Holy Rosary School strikes an exceptional balance between Catholic values, academic excellence, and fun! We know our daughter is safe, happy, and receiving a high quality education at Holy Rosary. That's really everything a parent can hope to provide for their child/ren." - Erin Berlew, parent

"At Holy Rosary School, my children get an outstanding religious and educational background. I am amazed how all the teachers and aides know both my children's names and the names of every child that attends the school. HRS is truly a family that we are proud to be part of!" - Marya Gernhardt, parent

"Now that I near the completion of my college degree, my morals, judgment, and even some of my friends are still with me from Holy Rosary. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else for grade school. Holy Rosary will always be some of my fondest memories." - Donny Sklanka, Class of 2005

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